Underground Music Gigs in LA – And How to Get to the Party!

Front and center, where NOT to go,

Everyone’s heard about The House of Blues, The Roxy, The Viper Room, Whiskey A Go Go and The Hours. I have never been there because not many non-hipsters really go there. For those interested in a more authentic nightlife experience, lets not get started on how lame and predictable Hollywood has become these days. Continue reading →

Amazing Party Bus Events: Top 4 Bus Rental Events

The Party Bus has emerged as a revolutionary way of experiencing the next level party experience. Now you can party on wheels with the wide choice of luxury buses available at Los Angeles’ leading party bus rental company.

Hiring a party bus is a perfect option if you are looking for a luxury vehicle with excellent customer service like timely delivery, complimentary benefits and much more. Taking a bus to your party or partying in the bus itself will ensure your entire group is having a quality time together. Continue reading →

Party Bus

Party Harder With TLC Party Bus

How frustrated will you feel in a situation where you are with your friends, partying hard but you cannot drink much as you have to drive back home? Or where you are the one who is driving and thinking about parking and traffic, and your friends are enjoying their journey. Not everyone loves to drive.

One easy way to get out of such hassles is to get a party bus rental. A party bus can enhance your convenience as it comes with multiple pick-up and drop-off service points. Your party can now move to the venue together. Or you can even plan a party around the bus itself, as these buses can accommodate more than 25 people. Leather seats, perfect sound system and good lighting gives a perfect ambiance to the party buses. Continue reading →


5 Tips to Enhance your LA Party Bus Experience:

In the party bus rental space, we see a lot of good and bad experiences take place over time. We decided we’d reach out to our Los Angeles limo party bus market ahead of time, to share some past wisdom that will make your party bus experience more enjoyable and allow you to get excellent service at a cheap party bus rental cost. The below list is based on past customer experiences, and a decade of combined party bus operating experience. Continue reading →