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Party Harder With TLC Party Bus

How frustrated will you feel in a situation where you are with your friends, partying hard but you cannot drink much as you have to drive back home? Or where you are the one who is driving and thinking about parking and traffic, and your friends are enjoying their journey. Not everyone loves to drive.

One easy way to get out of such hassles is to get a party bus rental. A party bus can enhance your convenience as it comes with multiple pick-up and drop-off service points. Your party can now move to the venue together. Or you can even plan a party around the bus itself, as these buses can accommodate more than 25 people. Leather seats, perfect sound system and good lighting gives a perfect ambiance to the party buses.

Some party bus providers can improve your partying experience. TLC Party Bus is one such enterprise that offers everything you need to move your party to the next level.

Here are a few interesting features of TLC Party Bus.

Easy Online Rental Reservations

Your party bus is just a few clicks away from you. You can quickly log on to the website to select the vehicle type, pickup and drop-off points, date and time of reservations. After this, all you need to do is to wait for the party day and get into those dazzling party shoes. TLC takes care of everything else once you have booked your party bus.

They have a wide variety of party buses to suit your budget and requirements. You may get details of each vehicle by following their web page. Here is a list of some vehicles that TLC Party Bus services include.

“Dom P.” – 27 Passenger Party Bus

TLC Party Bus

The Model F550 ‘Dom. P’ is a fantastic party bus which can accommodate 27 people in one go.

The bus showcases its classic interiors with black leather seats and is equipped with four high-end 45′ smart TVs. This setup makes it ideal for watching sports and live shows. The bus allows you to immerse yourself in unlimited entertainment atmosphere.

The premium sound system supports AUX and bluetooth connectivity which makes sure you get the perfect music and grooves on the go.

Premium LED and fiber lights will transfer your ride to trance. Features like dance pole and privacy partitions make the bus ideal for bachelorette or other such parties.

Dancing sets your pulse high, and we know you need to cool down. The Dom P has 2 large and 2 small cooling units which maintain the temperature. The bus has ample space to store your booze. Book your party bus and avail to all these luxuries and complimentary drinks.

“Krug” – 9 Passenger Party Bus

TLC Party Bus

GMC Van also called the “Krug” gives you a seating capacity of 9 passengers. The bus is ideal for small parties with your close ones.

Black and tan leather seats and 2 smart TV’s enhance the interiors of your party bus.

The compact bus is loaded with a solid sound and lighting system. Premium sound mechanism customizes your song choice with Bluetooth and AUX connectivity.

Perfect lighting can take your party to the top level. Krug gives Premium LED and Fiber optics lighting experience to your party ride. Chill out your weekend with Krug’s large coolers and complimentary drinks.

“Exec Royale”- Bespoke Executive Sprinter – 7 Passenger

TLC Party Bus

Bespoke Mercedes Benz Executive Sprinter (aka Exec Royale) accommodates 7 passengers.

This one of its kind bus gives you a royal ride with 4 captain w/massage seats and a bench.  Red and white entertainers and LED lightings make the vehicle a perfect choice for VIP rentals.

Apple TVs, PS4, IPad control system and a large cooler will give you the most entertaining and comfortable ride.

“Magnum”- 25 Passenger RV Party Bus

“Magnum”- 25 Passenger RV Party Bus

Black leather seats and four doors give Adorian Executive RV an ultimate look. The party bus is suitable for long road trips as it provides 2 Rooms and 3 bunked beds.

The private rooms at the back half of the bus easily convert the couches to spacious beds. The most interesting feature of Magnum is the attached bathroom, no doubt this bus is the best choice for a comfortable long journey. The entertainment quotient is not limited to the 42′ and 37′ smart TVs. It also provides satellite, DVD & CD and a Wi-Fi provider to boost your ride.

Dedicated and dimmable lights give you all the comfort you need for a long distance travel.

Hummer H2 Stretch

Hummer H2 Stretch

The model offers a seating capacity of 17 passengers. You will not miss the comfort and luxury when riding this stretched premium model. Black leather seats and premium w/ AUX-Bluetooth supportive sound system makes the interiors extraordinary. Book the luxury car and enjoy free drinks on your way.

Hourly Based Rentals

You don’t have to worry about paying an entire  day’s bill for your Party Bus. The rent rests on the hours for which you have used the bus. So you can minimize your expenses and maximize your luxury experience. Los Angeles Limo Bus rentals from TLC Party Buses are about 20-30% cheaper than other LA Party Bus Companies.

Promo Rentals

TLC offers promo rates for each party bus. You can use coupon codes and get the party buses at low prices. The reservation process is easy and affordable.

Many users have added reviews about the services of the Party Bus providers. TLC gives you best ride experience with almost all the comforts that you can ask for from a Party Bus.

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